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An RCBO is commonly used where there is a need to protect against both overcurrent’s due to overloads and faults, and protection from earth leakage currents. The breaker interrupts the electrical load to the circuit, thus preventing damage to the device and any shocks from occurring towards the installer.

An RCBO is strictly different from an RCD and an MCB (which provides protection against overcurrent’s). This is due to an RCBO providing safety against both.

Earth Leakage occurs when there is an accidental break in the circuit. The current will then travel through the device used to break the wiring and cause a shock to the user. However, an overcurrent can occur in the from of a short-circuit or overload also leading to a shock.

We provide a selection of branded RCBO’s including Fusebox, Wylex, MK, Schneider and Hager.