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LED Downlight


An LED Downlight (sometimes referred to as recessed lights, pot lights or can lights) are usually used for ceiling lighting in a kitchen, bathroom or commercial environment. However, they are extremely versatile and can even be used outdoors.

Here are a few examples of how downlights may differ:

  • Trim – The trim of the downlight is one of the only components you will actually see when it is installed. The trim doesn’t make any difference to the performance of the light. It is just a matter of personal preference.
  • Colour Temperature – Usually ranging between warm white (2700K-3200K) and cool white (4000K+). Warm white is used to create a more ambient/ relaxing aroma, whereas cool white is clearer and more practical.
  • Beam Angle – This refers to how wide or narrow that the beam is. To highlight specific areas or objects in a room, then a narrow beam spread (20°-40°) is suggested. A wider beam spread (100-120°) would be better suited for general purpose lighting.
  • Lumens & Wattage – Wattage tells you the amount of power being supplied into the bulb, but has no relation to the light it emits. The bulbs brightness is instead measured in lumens.